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Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation

      The wedding ceremony is over and you are now officially a Mr. and Mrs. . What should your first car ride be? Should it be a white stretch limousine? a horse drawn carriage? a winter wonderland sleigh? or an antique roadster? The options are endless and which would complete your wedding day? Whatever you decide to choose, you and your wedding party will need transportation to the wedding and reception.
      As with all vendors concerning your wedding, you should shop for the right transportation company to use on your wedding day. It is possible for businesses to go out of business before your wedding , therefore the age of a companies business is important.
      You will need to decide which attendants, guests and parents will need transportation. Traditionally, the bride rides to the church with her father and rest of the parents and attendants follow. However, most ceremony sites have dressing rooms and the wedding party utilizes these rooms; eliminating the need for a ride to the church.
      If you decide to only have yourselves (the bridal couple) ride in a special car, the attendants may follow in groups in their personal cars. This will form a bridal caravan and all the cars are usually decorated.
    It is important for the Best Man to arrange for the newlyweds to have transportation from the wedding reception to your honeymoon night destination. This vehicle should be filled with overnight bags or honeymoon bags if you are leaving immediately after for your honeymoon. It may also be filled with additional gifts from your wedding party. Afterall, they are wishing you the best in your new life together.

Limo Alternatives

Although wedding transportation is associated with limousines, the following are creative alternatives to the standard.Hot Air Balloon

       – Up Up and Away the guests may blow bubbles as the couple depart

Horse and Sleigh

       – the bride may consider wearing a cape for this romantic departure


       – for horse lovers…why not involve you favorite animal in your special day?


       – the waters should be smooth and you may relax on your way to the reception


       – let your veil sway in the wind as you gaze at the moon

Fire Truck

       – this red alarm wedding trip will get you to the party fast


       – take a tour around the city with the whole wedding party

Antique Car

     – reenact your grandparents wedding caravan

Shopping for the Transportation Company

To locate the best company for you, here are some tips and questions to ask the managers you speak with:

  • Are they part of the NLA (National Limousine Association)?
  • Compare rates with a couple different companies
  • Are they licensed by the state ? Liability insurance?
  • Ask for quantity discounts
  • Do they charge for “unloaded mileage” (driving with no passengers in the car)
  • Look at the actual limousines you are agreeing to in the contract
  • Are the cars owned or rented?
  • How many persons does the limousine hold?
  • What is the minimum time?
  • Do they service more than one wedding per weekend?
  • Ask about special wedding packages
  • Let the companies know you are shopping around

The Contract

It is important that all details from addresses to times are written in contract. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!!! The contract should involve the following:

  • Bride and Groom’s name with addresses and phone numbers
  • Contact person and phone number
  • Companies and drivers name addresses and phone numbers (as well as back up drivers name and phone)
  • Terms of rental and cancellation policy
  • Total cost of the rental and payment dates (extra fees for tolls, parking, clean up price, travel time, overtime)
  • Dates, times and addresses for the pick ups
  • List of persons in the limousines
  • Locations and directions for the driver (if they should wait or not)
  • Make, model, year and license plate number of the car
  • Drivers duties
  • Room for wheel chairs?
  • Safety guarantees if the car is in an accident