Wedding symbols

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Wedding Symbols


  • Invitations:
      Traditionally, the bride’s parents were making a public announcement that were giving their daughter away in marriage. Now, the invitations often include both parents name or just the bride and groom names.
  • Boquets:
        Each type of flower in a boquet stands for a particular meaning:

          * Roses = Love
          * Orchids = Fertility
          * Carnations = Fidelity
          * Irises = Wisdom
          * Acacia = Elegance
          * Honeysuckle = Generosity
        * Hyacinth = Playfulness
  • Wedding Rings:
      Ancient Egyptians believed the ring was the symbol of eternity; a never ending story. It is placed on the third finger on the left hand because it is believed that the strongest vein is here and leads directly to the heart.
  • Rice:
        It was thrown at the newlyweds so they would be blessed with fertility. Some alternatives to rice today are the release of balloons as the couple leaves, the blowing of bubbles or the use of birdseed to protect the enviornment.