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Choosing the Right Bridal Shop
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Choosing the Right Bridal Shop

Deciding what you are going to wear is a fairly major part of the wedding planning prosess. You not only need to feel comfortable with the bridal shop that you choose, but you need to trust that they will do all that they promise. The following are some helpful hints as you look for the right bridal shop. Look for…

  • Clean and well lit display areas
  • A welcoming environment that allows you to browse and explore with assistance from a bridal consultant at the salon
  • Trained bridal consultants who guide you through the selection and decision process
  • A shop that allows you to stay within your budget
  • Alterations done on site by a seamstress who specializes in wedding gowns and formalwear
  • Complimentary storage of your wedding gown until the week of your wedding
  • No more than 50% requirement for a deposit on merchandise at the time of ordering
  • A shop that has stock merchandise; not ordering solely from a picture without seeing the quality of the gown or like merchandise from that company
  • No history of complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • Good reputation referral from past customers
  • Delivery of a written contract with a receipt of your paid deposit, which specifies your dress size, style, expected time of arrival, alterations agreement and any special pre-arranged services and charges

Before Your First Visit

Now that you know what to look for in a bridal salon, your experience for first time looking will be fairly easy with these hints…

  • Call the companies in the bridal magazines and request copies of their newest catalogs (some companies may charge for this).
  • Purchase bridal magazines in the grocery store and pull out pictures of gown styles that you may want to try on (remember not all companies advertise every dress they have in all magazines).
  • Have an idea of the time of year that you would like to get married as well as some colors that you may like to have your bridesmaids in (also have and idea of your bridesmaids sizes, you will want a style that will compliment all of them).
  • All dresses come in a variety of colors and all companies have different shipping dates and special charge policies.
  • It is better to make an appointment at a salon to go look at dresses preferably during the week. Take some time off of work and enjoy this overwhelming experience. Saturdays are the busiest day to shop, you may have to wait a while for a dressing room and you may not receive the one-on-one attention that you deserve. It is more exciting and relaxing when you make time to be pampered while shopping!

Tips for Your First Visit

When you have set up your appointment, there will be many things happening to you all at once. This is a new industry that many people do not know about. Ask as many questions as you can. Your bridal consultant is not aware of the amount of knowledge you have about the bridal industry and she does have the answers you need. Don’t be afraid to ask!! Tips for your first appointment…

  • Try on as many different styles as you can.You will be amazed at how something looks on you as oppossed to on the hanger.
  • Have your bridal consultant bring the merchandise and catalogs in for you so that she may answer any questions you will need to ask.
  • With all wedding gowns, there are coordinating or matching bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes they are not accessible to the customers.Your consultant may also show you tuxedos, flowergirls and mothers dresses that will go along with the style. You are not expected to make a decision on your first trip out, although some brides do, a majority of them do not.
  • It is best to select your wedding gown and grooms tuxedo before deciding on the rest of the wedding parties attire.
  • When trying gowns on, make sure to have the proper undergarments (bras and petticoats) and shoes for an accurate look at the gown (most salons supply these). Your consultant should also show you veils, jewelery and gloves that would coordinate with the look.
  • Try to stay within your budget and inform the consultant to what your budget is.
  • Your bridal consultants main goal should be to find you the perfect dress and still remain in your budget.
  • After trying on all this merchandise, eliminate the choices down to three to record on your file. Go home, think about all you saw and return to the shop at a later date to re-try the gowns on. You may find your gown on the second trip and definitely by the third trip.
  • When you are shopping, it is best to only bring two other people with you who share your same style.If you have too many people, this experience may be caotic and frustrating.
  • When you have ordered your gown and it arrives in the store, immediately go look at it and try it on to ensure it is the correct dress and nothing is wrong with it.A salon may correct a dress with a factory if it is done within two weeks of the dress being received.You will also want to set up your alterations appointment at this time if all is correct with your dress.
  • Average shipping dates for merchandise are:
        * gowns, attendents dresses = 3-6 months
        * veils = 2-3 months
      * accessories = 1-2 months (shoes, jewelery, foundations, gloves)
  • Your planning will also be easier if you go to a one stop shopping salon.This is where the salon has everything that you need in everything from dresses to guest books.