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The Wedding Cake

The Cake!
Cutting The Cake
Cake Accessories

The Wedding Cake

      In Roman times, a thin loaf of bread was broken over the bride’s head to ensure her fertility and in Victorian times, cakes became as frilly as the bride’s attire decorated with elaborate flowers and garlands. The wedding cake has been a significant tradition in the wedding reception to symbolize the couple’s willingness to share a household together. 
      The wedding cake is usually ordered by a bakery ,however, many reception sites do make the cake on the premises. Bakers have become very innovative with cake designs and flavors. Amaretto, spice, marble and mocha are a change from the traditional white cake. White frosting is not the only wedding cake icing anymore. Strawberry, mocha and vanilla are now the creamy finish to these special cakes. It is nice to choose a variety of flavors for your cake because this should satisfy the taste buds of your guests. I have even had a cream cheese wedding cake and that was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this if you like cheese cake!! Regardless of which kind of cake you decide on, sample it before the wedding to ensure you will love it at the wedding.
    The Groom’s Cake is usually a festive cake that sits next to the wedding cake. This cake may be very creative and represent an interest of the groom (i.e. college seal, hobby or sport).

Cutting the Cake

    You may need to designate two people to cut and serve the cake at the reception. The baker or the catering manager will set up the cake so that it will be all ready when the guests arrive. They may also have a staff person cut it. You need to find this out when you are reserving your reception site. All the guests receive a piece of the cake to help the bride and groom celebrate the beginning of their household. (It is considered bad luck for the bride and groom if a guest leaves the reception without tasting the cake!!!). Remember to save the top tier of the wedding cake. This is the anniversary cake and is shared on your first anniversary. As long as it is sealed and stored correctly, it will taste pretty good!

Cake Accessories

Knife and Cake Server

       – This set is sometimes borrowed from a family member; possibly carrying on a tradition. The pieces are solid silver with a decorative handle and a silver bottom. The couple may choose to have them engraved as well as having the handles decorated with flowers. 

Cake Top

       – Your cake top may be whatever you would like it to be. Many couples have the cake top resemble them or an activity they like to do together. Instead of a statue, some couples choose to have flowers on the top of the cake as an alternative. Other cake top ideas: blown glass ornaments, music box playing your favorite song, animals in bridal attire, regional symbols (cowboys), cartoon characters, or electric lights. 

Ribbon Charms

       – This new trend involves one tier of the cake and charms with ribbons. The charms are put in the cake and the ribbons, tied to the charms are hanging down the sides. All the bridesmaids gather around the cake and each pull on a ribbon. Some of the charms are: ring= next to marry, clover= luck., anchor=great travels and pacifier= next to have a baby. 

Cake Skirt

     – Reception halls may provide this, otherwise, you will just purchase a piece of fabric at a fabric store to place under the cake. Usually it matches the colors of the wedding.