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The Wedding Photographer


The Wedding Photographer

    This will be the one vendor you have that is responsible for recording the history of your wedding. You will have these pictures for years and you want them to be the best. These pictures should reflect all the memories of the beginning of your married life. You will look at these pictures with your grandchildren and you want them to look as though they were taken yesterday.

Shopping for the Photographer

      Searching for a photographer is looking for the memories. You want a photographer that will ensure the pictures will turn out as well as create the uniqueness of your relationship on film. It is important for you to have an open relationship with your photographer. As a couple, you should meet often with the photographer and the assistant so they may understand your personality and capture the special moments for you.
    When you begin to look for a photographer, it is necessary to research their reputation. You may do this through the Better Business Bureau and past wedding customers. Find out as much information as you are able to . The photographers who have been in business a long period of time are usually good to start with. There is a reason why they have been in business so long and you should investigate this. Do not ignore photographers who are new to the business. They may be new, but they also may have creative ideas as well as lower prices. View their portfolio as well as price packages and compare with other photographers.

Engagement Pictures

    I would suggest you have your engagement pictures done far in advance of the wedding. Be creative with these. You should have outside shots, formal shots, candid shots and anything else you choose. When you see the proofs you will be able to decide if you want to have this professional do your wedding. The more creative your photographer is in the engagement pictures, just imagine what they will do for your wedding.

Pre-Bridal Portrait

      For the Bride, I would strongly suggest you have a pre-bridal portrait. This is when you do a “dress rehearsal” for the wedding day. You should schedule an appointment with your hairdresser and make-up artist. This will not only allow you to see what you will look like on the wedding day, but your hair dresser will be able to estimate how long it will take to do your hair and if the style you want will work for the wedding day. You will also be more relaxed because you will be able to fix anything you do not like and you will get used to wearing your wedding attire. I would suggest to do your pre-bridal portraits inside or the studio so that your dress will not get dirty. Your photo session should last approximately three hours.
    Most brides display one of their portraits at the reception. This is usually displayed by the guest book and the guests appreciate looking at it. If possible, it is nice to have a bridesmaid attend your session with you. The photographer will be able to adjust their lights for the color of your dresses.

The Wedding Day

      On your wedding day, it is best to appoint a good friend or relative to assist the photographer on important people at the wedding. The photographer should have a list of all the attendants, parents, relatives and important guests. The photographer will then be able to ask one person to locate the persons involved in the next photograph. The list should also have “not to miss” photos. If you would like particular people to have their picture taken, inform them ahead of time and then have them remind the photographer.
      It is a nice addition to your pictures if the photographer is able to bring a back drop to the wedding and reception. This will allow you to have variety in the shots taken and your guests may also be able to have a formal portrait taken.
      Candid shots are usually the most memorable. I feel that one of the signs of a great photographer is you are not able to tell he is there. They will be snapping shots and creating your album while you are unaware of these until you are pleasantly suprised reviewing your proofs.
    Many couples now place disposable cameras on the tables of their guests at the reception. This fun idea allows your guests to be funny and goofy and it forms a memorable album for you to enjoy. It is wise to appoint one person to distribute the cameras and retrieve them after the reception. This person may also drop them off to be developed while you are on your honeymoon. You will also find may guests snapping their own pictures and sending them to you in the mail months after the wedding.

The Contract

As you will be told by all the vendors assisting you with your wedding, the contract is a legal document. The following tips will help you with your contract decisions before you sign it:

  • Name the photographer you want to have. If you do not do this, there is a strong possibility you will have another photographer. You may not like his work and they may not know your requests.
  • If there is an emergency, most photographers will have a back up photographer to cover your wedding. Ask who this is, talk to him and view his work.
  • See what additional equipment the photographer has in case of equipment failure and what is brought to the wedding.
  • Names and number of assistants that will be present for the wedding day. Will they be shooting any pictures? What is there job at the wedding?
  • How many rolls of film will be taken? How many pictures on each roll? What happens if you exceed you picture limit?
  • What is the total of the bill? When is the deposit due? When is the balance to be paid? Overtime Fees?
  • When will the proofs be ready? Wedding? Pre-bridal? Engagement?
  • What is the wedding schedule going to be? Date? Time? Location to start/end? Addresses going to? (bride’s house, church, reception, parks)
  • Hours to begin and end shooting? Cost for additional hours? Will two weddings be booked on the same day?
  • Which package was chosen? What does it involve? Policy requirements?
  • Delivery time for proofs, reprints, order and albums?
  • Is there liability insurance?