Tips for Bride’s…
For a Wedding That Looks Expensive



  • Decorate for Less: Ask the reception hall if you may borrow any decorations that they have. Try stringing white lights around the reception hall.
  • Site Savvy: When you’re scouting sites, consider a restaurant in the business or downtown district of a city. As they are often closed on weekends, they may be prepared to offer a better deal on catering.
  • It’s all in the timing: Choose a month that is not popular in your area. You need to investigate the area of your wedding to see if where there is a price difference.
  • A word on timing: Friday or Sunday is less expensive then Saturday Night to get married.
  • A personal touch: A sentimental and totally free option to decorate the wedding reception site is to arrange framed photographs of the bride, groom, parents, wedding party members, grandparents etc. on their wedding days.
  • Read the Fine Print: Do Not sign any contract until you read the fine print.



  • Sophisticated Tastes: Forego such expensive foods as filet mignon or lobster tails for dinner. Locate an inexpensive food from your area or provide chicken, fish or higher end appetizers.
  • Split the difference: If a caterer is going to your home, offer to have them provide the main meal and you provide the appetizer and desert tables.
  • Ice Noshes: Have stationary hors d’oeuvres as opposed to a wait staff circulating the trays.
  • Tending the Bar: Buy liquor in bulk. Some stores may allow you to return unopened bottles. Or, you may consider serving only beer, wine and champagne.
  • A Piece of Cake: Order a small display cake and supplement it with sheet cakes. The sheet cakes are made out of the same cake, but will be in the kitchen and may be ready to be served immediately after the bride and groom but their cake. Use fresh flowers to top off the cake or ask to borrow your parents cake top.



  • Blooming Good Idea: If other bride’s are getting married on the same day as you, ask to share the expense of the flowers for the ceremony.
  • Floral Bargains: Look for a floral shop that’s connected to its own green house or garden; it may have better prices than shops that have their flowers flown in.
  • Bouquet Basics: Loose flowers, either a single flower or a few tied with a ribbon, look elegant and are less pricey than elaborately designed bouquets.
  • Double Duty: Cut back floral expenses by utilizing the bridesmaids bouquets to adorn tables.
  • Flower Flair: Consider buying flowers and arranging them yourself.



  • The Price of Printing: While engraved invitations are still the gold standard, look into thermalgraphic printing as a less expensive alternative.