Bridal Shower Ideas

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Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers are a great pre-wedding party get together. All of these showers are easy to plan and most couples like these ideas. For showers, it is great to purchase a gift that the couple may not purchase themselves. Bridal registries are very helpful and should be used to the fullest. When planning a shower, make sure the theme can coordiante with the couples styles. It is also nice to have the bride and groom attend the shower together. Here are some popular bridal shower themes…

  • Through the Months
      The months of the year are distributed to the guests and they buy a gift that will coordinate or represent the months (November = turkey dishes and utencils).
  • The Four Seasons
      Each season is given and the gift coordiates with the season (Summer= beach towels).
  • Around the Clock
      Each hour of the day is given to a guest and the gift will coordinate with that hour (8:00am = breakfast trays for breakfast in bed).
  • Name the Room
      Each room of the house is distributed (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, study, etc.) (kitchen = dishes, bathroom = towels, bedroom = bedsheets).
  • Gift Certificate
      For the person who is hard to buy for, they receive gift certificates to their favorite stores, restaurants or activities.
  • Electronic
      This theme involves gifts from a walkman and calculators to blenders and stereos.
  • Holiday
      This involves either one or more holidays and the gifts surround this idea (Christmas is a fun one to do!!).
  • Hardware
      The men really enjoy this one. The gift range is from screwdrivers and hammers to lawnmowers and workbenches.
  • Athletic and Fitness
      For the physically fit group, these gifts may be weights and tennis balls to step benches and baseball bats.
  • Over the Years
        This is when the guests but any gift for the bride and groom and also give a little something they have received over the years.