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Tips for Bride’s..
Tips for a “Stress-Free” Rehearsal


Before Rehearsal
At the Rehearsal
The Rehearsal Dinner

Before Rehearsal

    • Have the ceremony all planned
    • Send rehearsal reminders to all the wedding party attendants
    • Schedule one hour rehearsal
    • Have all children in the party arrive 15 minutes before all others

At the Rehearsal

    • Pre-rehearse with any children
        – Walk them down the aisle to make them comfortable and confident
    • Practice everything as realistically as possible
          – Have the attendents and parents practice in their wedding shoes at the rehearsal


          – Walk down the aisle (it is not bad luck!!!)


        – Have ushers, readers, musicians and other helpers know the time when they need to do their job
    • Walk through the ceremony from beginning to end

The Rehearsal Dinner

        The rehearsal dinner provides a welcome relief from the hard work involved in planning a wedding. This festive function is a safe harbor amidst a sea of formality, for it holds a limited number of do’s and dont’s. The only major rule is common sense and good taste. 
        The occasion is at time for the families and members of the wedding party to relax and get to know eachother. The groom’s family or a close relative or friend usually hosts the rehearsal dinner. It is usually given after the wedding rehearsal, the night before the actual ceremony. 
        In a tradition dating back to the early 1800s, the bride’s family gave a bridal feast the day of the wedding and the groom’s family hosted a wedding breakfast the day after. This breakfast was called an “infare”. It provided an occasion for family, wedding party and out-of-town guests to visit and review the previous day’s festivities. Travelers then departed, taking with them the warmth of hospitality. The rehearsal dinner is today’s version of the infare. 
        Rehearsal dinners can be two-part affairs. A cocktail party may be held before the rehearsal and dinner. The cocktail party can be a break for members of the wedding. However, it should be a short affair, as no one wants drinking and driving to spoil the rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner may be formal or casual. Too much alcohol could also lead to problems during the rehearsal. 
        Invitations should be sent out about two weeks before the dinner. The guest list includes all members of the wedding party, both sets of parents, immediate family and officiating church members. Spouses and dates of these guest should also be invited. A thoughtful gesture is to invite those guests who have traveled from out of town. 
        The bridal couple sit together at the head table, with hosts of the opposite sex seated at either side. Parents and grandparents of the couple complete the table. 
        The host, or the best man, offers the first toast to the bridal couple. Other guest may follow with their own toasts. 

Ways to Personalize the Rehearsal Dinner

        • Have guests bring a picture of the bridal couple when they were younger and make a collage for the soon-to-be-weds. It is also nice to have the rehearsal dinner videotaped. Some parents pool their slides/home movies of the two as they were growing up. 
        • Hand out notecards on which the guests may write good wishes or some funny antidote from the past. Each note should be sealed by the author and kept safe by the hostess for presentation to the couple on their first wedding anniversary. 
        • Have all married couples give a piece of advice to the bridal couple concerning making it through the wedding day or married life or have the guests share a funny story or experience from their wedding day. The single persons could share a story from a wedding they were in or what they would expect their wedding to be like. 


      It is important to enjoy the beginning of this weekend, but it is also important that the wedding party gets a good nights rest. Don’t send guests home in a condition that would inhibit their participation in the next day’s activities.